Top user profile locations: Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Iowa, and Texas

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Gamewasteland Users

Game Wasteland is global, but most of our users (about 88%) are in the United States. About 6% log on from the UK and another 3% from Canada. The rest are spread out all across the world. Here are some top US cities from the past month that have been online. Are you from one of these cities? Let us know. We do some traveling now and then and try to stay connected with our user. We might be near you the next time! Thanks for gaming with us!

  1. Miami, Florida —- What’s up Gators. We saw you in Miami and Key Biscayne last year and had a great time visiting.
  2. Garden City, Idaho — What up potato people! Game Wasteland will be vacationing in Coeur d’Alene this summer… Good stuff!
  3. Gnadenhutten, Ohio — Hey there Buckeyes, you’re our closest neighbor, our base of operations is next door in Indiana. We have a trip planned for Columbus this summer!
  4. Avoca, Iowa – Hi Iowa, Game Wasteland has some property near you across the border in Wisconsin. Stop in and say hi!
  5. League City, Texas – Howdy Texas! Houston is one of our favorite places, we’ll drop by next time we’re in town!

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