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How to Bypass Your School’s Web Site Blocker for Good

May 15th, 2010

Broken Lock

Big brother putting a stop to your online recreation during school? Most people have already put plenty of time and thought in to how to beat the content filter, site blockers, web proxies, firewalls, and other systems schools and workplaces install to stave off fun stuff–like online gaming for instance! Well, we at Game Wasteland have a bone to pick with those administrators. We like our games, and we like you to be able to play our games! Doesn’t the US Constitution say “free games for all” or something to that effect? I think it is in the Bill of Rights, help me our history buffs. Either way, we sure are convinced gaming is a natural truth we hold as self-evident, and we want to help you out.

You probably figured out there are “anonymous proxies” that you can use to get around the filters. Those are Web sites that mask what sites you visit so the filter does not know what you are viewing and cannot block it. However, those online proxies only works until they figure it out and blacklist each proxies Web site so you can’t even access that. But did you know you can set up a network of your peers home computers and use those as a virtually undetectable proxy server? Any even better it is totally easy to install and set up, you don’t have to be a computer genius to do it.

Read the full Circumventor instructions here:

Install the Circumventor software on you and a bunch of friends’ computers and keep gaming strong! Take that, princiPAL!