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New free products for regular gamers

April 22nd, 2010
Who doesn't like free stuff?

Who doesn't like free stuff?

Game Wasteland is proud to offer special free and trial products to our dedicated gamers. Who doesn’t like to receive free stuff just for playing a few games? Here are selected free offers you qualify for since you’ve been rocking the games on our site! You will receive options for offers for every 25 games you play. Who can’t resist free stuff? What are you waiting for? Types of products typically include teeth whitening kits, weight loss supplements, beauty products, and tons of other great stuff. Best of all, you become eligible every time you log another 25 game plays!

To be in the running, all you need is a registered account. We only ask for a few basic items like name and email, it’s free, and it only take 10 seconds! Take the time to register, play 25 games, and check out the latest and greated free offers.Register your free Game Wasteland account now!